Why is Chiropractic Care Important for Athletes

Because of the constant wear and tear on athletes muscles and joints, it’s important to maintain low inflammation through the correcting of subluxations in the body. Chiropractic care can help athletes perform at the top of their game while limiting the number of injuries that occur on the field due to bones and joints being out of place. 

Commonly seen improvements for athletes who receive chiropractic care:

  1. By eliminating nerve interference between the brain and muscles, muscles can activate more quickly with more strength.
  2.   Aligning joints takes undo pressure off the soft tissue (tendons, ligaments, and muscles), thus decreasing the likelihood of injury.
  3.   When joints are aligned, they have full range of motion. This equals proper biomechanics and better performance.
  4.   Moving joints increases proprioceptive nerve impulses, which makes the body more aware of where and how the body is moving (increases coordination).

Why is chiropractic care important for sports injuries?

When an injury occurs, it is quite likely that a bone was moved out of place. If the bone remains out of place, the soft tissue (area of injury) will continue to have pressure on it. This increases healing time, which is never a good thing. By removing the pressure, the area can heal exponentially faster. Furthermore, addressing the whole body, including the area of injury itself, allows the brain to focus more readily on healing the injury. By prioritizing the injury, it will heal as quickly as possible.

Commonly seen injuries that can be helped through chiropractic care:

  1. Rotator cuff injuries
  2. Tennis and golfer’s elbow
  3. Low back/hip pain
  4. Plantar fasciitis 
  5. Wrist and hand pain
  6. Knee problems
  7. Shin splints
  8. Sprained ankles

Cold laser therapy for athletic injuries.

Cold laser therapy increases cellular metabolism. This means that the cells trying to heal the injury can more readily receive nutrients in and get wastes out of them. This decreases healing time and reduces pain.

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