Dr. Julie Lovejoy

D.C., B.F.A., A.S.

As a former professional dancer, Dr. Julie understands the wear and tear we put on our bodies and she has always been passionate about helping others find and achieve optimal health. In many cases, patients who were considering joint surgery (knee, ankle, elbow, shoulder, etc.) have been saved from the pain and additional complications of such a procedure through her adjustments and care.

Her deep knowledge of the human frame and function allows her to see, feel, and correct the subluxations (misalignments) in your body.

Not only will you feel right at home with Dr. Julie’s friendly and upbeat bedside manner, but your children will too. While she works with patients of all types, her specialty is in prenatal, postnatal, and pediatric care.

She has helped many women have smoother pregnancies and seen dramatic results with babies suffering from colic, reflux, and other issues.

Dr. Julie Lovejoy graduated from Life University, a leading institution in the field of Chiropractic, with her D.C. (Doctor of Chiropractic).   

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